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Jan Rasikas General Manager 

Jan Rasikas

General Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 11

Andrew Anderson 

Andrew Anderson

Store Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 51

Bjorn Bergman Promotions and Education 
Bjorn Bergman

Outreach Coordinator

608.637.7511  ext. 30

Carol Willis, Wellness and Body Care Manager at VFC
Carol Willis

Wellness & Bodycare

608.637.7511  ext. 19

Charlene Elderkin

Charlene Elderkin

Marketing &
Membership Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 18

Eric Speck Finance Manager

Eric Speck

Finance Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 17

Greg Cheesebro Bulk and Beer/Wine
Greg Cheesebro

Bulk, Beer &
Wine Buyer

608.637.7511  ext. 54

Jackie Rebman, Frontend Manager at VFC
Jackie Rebman

Customer Service Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 10

Linda Gallardo Produce Manager
Linda Gallardo

Produce Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 16

Sally Colacino, Grocery Manager at VFC
Sally Colacino

Grocery Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 12

Waleed Mahmoud, Deli Manager
Waleed Mahmoud

Deli Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 13

Alycann Taylor, HR Manager
Alycann Taylor

Human Resources Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 26

Facility Manager 

Mark Nevsimal

Facility Manager

608.637.7511  ext. 33

Jess Murdock 

Jess Murdock

POS/Scan Coordinator

608.637.7511  ext. 35